More hotfixes today for the players of Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online. A good number of these items address the current Live Event content for Witching night. Read on to see the fixes.


* Fixed an issue that would in some rare cases cause Skiv Redwarp, a boss NPC in the Warpblade Tunnels dungeon to become unattackable.
* The NPC Zarbog One-toe in the Badlands will no longer fall under the world.
* Adjusted the levels of some Withered Crone and Restless Spirit NPCs to a more appropriate range for their locations in the world.
* Made some adjustments to the Sigmar's Crypts dungeon bosses Zakarai and Verrimus to bring them in line with the intended level of difficulty.
* Fixed an issue that was preventing players from re-entering the Inevitable City dungeon Bilerot Burrow after being defeated by the boss NPC Bartholomew the Sickly.
* Fixed an issue that was causing some of the Withered Crones associated with the Witching Night live event to run around in circles.


* Disciples of Khaine will now be able to purchase the appropriate armor pieces from Tier 3 renown merchants.
* Corrected an issue in which the Elite-level Magus rewards offered in Chaos Chapter 16 included two erroneous items.

Quests & Public Quests

* Out of Favor: Conquering the Raven: Fixed an incorrect waypoint in this quest.
* Control: Fixed an issue that was causing Falathin Soulbreaker to become unattackable, which was preventing players from completing this quest.
* Gud Memory: Fixed an incorrect waypoint in this quest.
* The Wind of Change: The NPC Tomas Schurmann will now spawn properly for this quest.
* The Witching Hour: Zealots will now receive the proper rewards from all loot bags offered by this Public Quest.
* The Witching Hour: Instances of this Public Quest will no longer reset instantly following a successful completion.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016