Along with an updated look, the WAR Herald now has an updated "Beta Defined" post as listed here:

Originally posted 7/14/06

Here are some handy definitions of what the different phases of beta are. I also provide, for the first time, some extremely vague and tentative dates. Some of you have already won betas, and to spare you the whole "having to read" thing, you are listed as "Early Spring 2007." In theory and indeed in schedule, it may be sooner than that - but I am a bitter, cranky, old community weenie who has been through many betas, and I no longer believe in anything I can't grasp in my withered talons.

EDITED, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9th, 2006. Clarifications, mostly, but one fairly giant change relating to my not totally understanding the implications of us becoming EA Mythic. All of my dates are still listed as they were on 7/14/06.

You can read all about it at the WAR Herald.

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