The launch of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning approaches, and already the beta players are receiving their special in game rewards. The pre order rings and portable camps have arrived in the mail, along with the Mythic Entertainment account title, "The Validated."

After logging in to your account, you should receive a message in your chat window, advising you that you have mail to pick up. Mailboxes can be found in most camps, and are marked on your map as a small gray square.

No one knows the origins of the Hero's Bands, and the source of their magic remains a secret. All that can be afreed upon is that the bands offer their power to any who would wear them in their quest for glory.

The pre order ring (Gamestop version is The Sentinel's Amber Band) is really quite impressive. Giving +2 stats to Willpower, Toughness, Initiative, Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill and Intelligence is great enough, but the 5 minute damage shield effect is awesome. Too bad that damage shield only has 2 charges. You can drag the ring icon to your hotbar is activate the effect.

Few commanders knew the value of a hearth and home better than Captain Rittenbach. Three square meals and a warm fire were available to all under his command. Many who have spent a night in his hospitality have taken his example to heart...

Rittenbach's Portable Camp is a great addition to any group in a tough situation. Once per hour, you can set up a small campfire that will heal your group 2% every 5 seconds, over the course of 5 minutes. The placement of the fire requires that the group stay within the healing range to benefit. The fire would be really useful in a scenario, for a group that stays in place to defend a flag.

For good or ill, once earned, a proper epithet can never be taken away. Take this title and bear it with pride.

Even those who haven't played Warhammer Online have a chance to earn a title that will be available as soon as they create their first character. Writ of Title: The Validated is awarded to those who complete the email validation process on the Mythic Entertainment Account Page. After receiving the emailed writ, you can open your Tome of Knowledge to activate your new title.

New Warhammer Online Special In Game Rewards:

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016