Interview with Hickman & Barnett

WarCry has posted an interview with Jeff Hickman, The Senior Producer, and Paul Barnett, The Design Manager, for Warhammer Online.

We try to do things in the game, that in most MMOs you have to go outside of the game for. Not to the depths like some guides go to with every little detail, but we partial to the way there. For example, you can choose to see on your map the area the quest is in. So you don't have to go "where is Augrad the giant at?" You can pull up your map, and it will have a circle on your map, that you can highlight, and it will have the text for your quest in that map in that circle. There is a fine line between pinpointing Augrad with a dot on that map and having nothing on the map.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016