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Live Event: Heavy Metal

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18 - December 1, 2008


The Age of
Reckoning has dawned

Across the Old World and on the
island home of the High Elves,
bitter enemies clash in bloody skirmishes and mighty battles. For the
soldiers of Order and Destruction, there is no respite and no mercy.
Now, the warring factions will gain new allies in the form of the
fearsome Black Guard and the cunning Knight of the Blazing Sun. These
heavily-armored soldiers race to the battlefront to anchor their
realms' defenses and ensure that for every inch of ground given, the
enemy pays in bitter blood.

With a thunderous war-cry
and the ringing of
steel on steel, the battle begins anew, with neither side willing to
retreat or surrender.

In-Game Live Event Introduces Two New Careers to WAR!

The war has begun, and you've
joined the forces of Order or
Destruction, taking up arms with your realm-mates on the field of
battle. You've conquered your foes in scenarios, stormed enemy-held
keeps, raised your banners over battlefield objectives and banded
together to thwart your enemies in public quests.

This November, we're bringing
you a new challenge in the form of WAR's upcoming live event:
Heavy Metal!

The Age of Reckoning is
about to get even deadlier as the noble and cunning
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of the Blazing Sun and the
Guard join the fight for
domination of the Warhammer world.

a head start on the new WAR careers!!

When the Heavy Metal live event
begins on November 17th, players who
log into WAR will see a new tab in the Tome of Knowledge. Clicking on
this tab will open the Live Events page, where each day we'll place a
new daily task. Completing these daily tasks earns influence, just like
you'd earn in a public quest. There are rewards for Basic, Advanced and
Elite influence, culminating in the ultimate prize: the chance to play
WAR's new classes a full week before they're released to the public!
This last reward won't be easy to earn, and players who want to get to
the Elite level will need to log in each day and complete on the daily

style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(204, 153, 51);">Exclusive Scenario

We will also be adding a new
scenario, Reikland Factory, for Heavy
Metal that will only be available to players for the duration of this
live event. This scenario will take place in a steam tank factory in
the Empire Tier 4 zone of Reikland and see players battling for control
of different areas of the factory. This new scenario will be available
for players of all levels, on all tiers, but will not contribute to the
campaign. Participation in this scenario will give players an extra 10%
bonus to their Renown point gain.

So sharpen your blades,
load your
handguns, pray to your gods and feed
your Squigs and White Lions. Heavy Metal is almost here, and you don't
want to miss out!

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