Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is chock full of vivid imagery, but there's no happy way to describe the image of a group of huge, hairless, green gorillas charging at you while waving all manner of sharp instruments! Say hello to the Choppa, one of the two new classes you'll be allowed to play after the Bitter Rivals event. The newest Melee DPS class promises to be popular... but will they be popular with you? We had a chance to play the Choppa during the recent class testing on WAR's Public Test Server and we think we can help you make that decision with Ten Ton Hammer's WAR: Look! Here Comes The Choppa!

The other thing your Choppa won't have are unique little sayings like the Slayer does. See, the Choppa is an Orc, and Orcs do one thing from the time they spawn (they're grown from spores, so they're not really "born", per se) to the times they die. They fight. So you won't hear your Orc yelling stuff like "The SHAME!" as he pummels his foe or "Give me death!" because they never feel shame and they don't really care about death so much, just as long as they get to fight, something they do surprisingly well.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016