It's all about War? I'd have never guessed...

Guy Cocker of GameSpotUK got a chance to sit down and play Warhammer Online for a little while. He was kind enough to give us his impressions on PvP in WAR.

One of the other ideas behind combat is that you'll always be rewarded with some sort of cinematic at the end of the battle. If you invade one of the cities, the resulting carnage could last for a long time, but you'll have a reward for completing it in the form of a cinematic that will advance the story. Although we didn't get to see one of the cities in the game, from sketches they look as if they'll boast an impressive amount of scale, considering that they represent the settlements of one of the six factions in the game. From the sounds of it, these city-siege missions will be one of the highlights of the game, and we look forward to seeing them in action in the future.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016