For almost a year before Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning launched, there was a lot of talk about an innovative new type of quest being introduced in the game called the Public Quest. A quest that allowed anyone off the street to participate and gain rewards regardless of whether you participated from the beginning or came in at the end, it was one of WAR's biggest selling points. Two months after launch though, many Public Quests are ghost towns, with only a few people farming the first stage for influence. We take a look at some of the causes and some of the cures in Public Quests: Hey, Where Is Everybody?

With all those perks, you would think that Public Quests would be constantly full of players attempting to get the coveted armor sets that are part of the completion rewards. Yet many of them stand empty, with only a few players running around doing the story quests that are designed to introduce you the Public Quests within a zone. Some work together to try and gather the influence necessary to get the epic rewards from the Rally Masters, and that's all. Why aren't Public Quests as popular as they once were?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016