The reviews keep coming in. This time it's GameShark that takes a bite out of Warhammer Online, giving the game an A-. I guess the review is acceptable, I mean we can't have all perfect reviews, or Mythic might let their heads get to big.

# What's Hot: Beautiful environments, nearly grindless progression, incentives to explore
# What's Not: Infuriating crafting, fell short on the warfront

I recall the exact moment when I was sucked into the beautifully ravaged world of Warhammer Online (WAR), and subsequently signed away any hope of a proper social life. I was slogging through a secluded river with no quest or waypoint to guide me. I happened upon an alcove of rocks and trees tumbling down a steep hillside and decided to climb, simply because it was there. After ten minutes of falling and restarting my ascent, I stood in the lair of Silveroak – a hidden, endgame boss. I gained a little experience for my efforts, but the greatest reward was knowing that even in a world with thousands of players, I could say, “I discovered it.”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016