Voodoo Extreme posted their review of Mythic Entertainments new game, Warhammer Online. Giving the game A 4 out of 5 what? Extreme Voodoo dolls? I have a voodoo doll with pins sticking in the hands to hex anyone who dares rate the game so low. If you want that hand cramp to go away, I would take another look at that review. :P

While you can fight opposing players in just about every zone, the Battlegrounds is where the instant gratification is at. I'm sure the 'realm vs realm' aspect of the game will pick up once folks hit the higher levels, but right now – the fastest experience is in the BG's. The way the battlegrounds are handled is that any member of the group can travel to a different zone and queue the party up to join. There are restrictions like level caps, but if you're industrious, you can get into a few different queues at once. The group queues are a little fickle, like having to redo them if someone joins late or goes link dead, but overall its a nice system. What else I like is the fact that you don't have to travel anywhere to participate, it just teleports you in and back once the battle is over. Right now, at level 20, you can earn upwards of 15,000 exp per round assuming you win. That sure beats getting 3-5k XP for a quest that takes longer to finish, huh?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016