A Hall is nice and all, but Taverns? I'm there.

Most MMOs these days have a place where guilds can gather their members together, whether it's a house or hall, or just a good meeting place. Warhammer Online will have taverns. That's right, taverns. Because we all know that a guild that drinks together, stays together!

Services available to guilds via the Guild Taverns are dependent on the guild’s Rank. Some of these services include:

* Recall Scrolls: Players can buy a guild recall scroll from the store which will allow guilds to transport back to the tavern during a city’s peaceful state
* The Leader’s Hall: At guild rank 16, this room provides Guild Leaders and Officers with a rest bonus, which gives a bonus to the player’s rested experience.
* Guild Registrar: The fellows who help out with Guild Creation can be found right outside of The Viper Pit and the War Quarters, so you can easily find them and other guild related services there!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016