WAR's Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett Interviewed at Games Day 2007

At the end of Games Day, Garrett Fuller had an opportunity to sit down with Jeff Hickman and Paul Barnett, the Senior Producer and Creative Director for EA Mythic, respectfully. This is not your typical Paul and Jeff interview; this is about human nature - about emotion - and about why Led Zeppelin and the Ferrari all play an important part in the making of Warhammer Online. This is a look at the human side of WAR.

Jeff continued to talk about Warhammer Online as a whole and why they are putting so much polish on the game. However, his definition of polish is very different from what others have stated about it. "Polish is not the frosting on the cake, polish is everything that you do," he said. They want the polish to exist in every part of the game, not just as unimportant lens flare or an extra dollop of color in a particular zone.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016