Orc-a-pult, away!

In our first video interview from ComicCon 2007, Warhammer
Online Producer Lance Robertson tells us all about recent beta
progress in the game, the ongoing relationship with Games Workshop,
and hints at the major announcement EA Mythic has in store for Leipzig
Games Conference next month!

"While the event was structured as another in the line of EA
Mythic's immensely popular public hands-on appearances rather than as
a chance to show off the latest and greatest in-game, Lance told us
about beta progress and an exclusive tidbit about the exciting
first-run content EA Mythic has in-store for us in about a month at
Leipzig Games Convention. As a special added bonus, we give you the
first in-game look at one of the most memorable parts of the original
Warhammer Online trailer - the orc-a-pult!"

See the whole thing right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016