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One of the more anticipated parts of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has been the scenarios. We've known that there would be RvR instances for some time now and that they would count heavily towards the war effort, but the details of what these scenarios will entail or how they work has been left in the dark... until now. In the most recent newsletter, EA Mythic released a plethora of information on two scenarios, how they work, what to expect, where they are, and some tip for winning. While there's no mention of the Dogs of War, there's plenty of questions answered about these once secretive RvR instances so pull up a chair and get ready to learn all about scenarios.

And yes, there will be a test later.

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Scenarios 101! Hopefully everyone knows that WAR will have Scenarios, but many of you many not know the full details of how they work and what exactly you do in them just yet. Well, that’s what I’m here to fix! I’m not here to explain the stories or fancy backgrounds, or talk about the art... I’m here to tell you how these Scenarios work and, more importantly, how you can win them!

Scenario Basics

  • All Scenarios are timed and come to an end after 15 or 20 minutes.
  • All Scenarios are score-based up to 500 points. Doing various things within the Scenarios, such as killing players or possessing an artifact, will give your Realm points.
  • You win if you have the most points at the end of Scenario OR if your team gets to 500 points first.
  • All Scenarios have a universal resurrection timer. In other words, when you die, you may be able to resurrect within a few seconds or you may have to wait a bit (up to 30 seconds). However, if a buddy resurrects you, you’re back in action immediately.
  • All Scenarios have a population cap. For the most part, this ranges from 12-on-12 to 24-on- 24.
  • All Scenarios are bracketed to pit you against players of relatively the same level.
  • Within the Scenarios, Realms are represented by colors. Red is Destruction. Blue is Order. White is Neutral.

    With the basics out of the way, let’s get on to the nitty-gritty!


    Nordenwatch is a 12-on-12 Scenario in Tier 1 Chaos vs. Empire. Anyone between levels 1-12 can hop in this Scenario and duke it out.

    There are three capture locations in this scenario - the Fortress, the Barracks, and the Lighthouse - which can be taken by standing near the banner marking each locale. The more players in the area (up to 6), the faster they will capture the location. When a player enters a capture area, they will see a small bar on the UI that begins to fill . Once the bar has been filled, it is considered owned by the capturing Realm and they are rewarded with points that count towards your goal of 500. The longer a location is held, the more points the team will earn.

    Each capture area has a flag that will be brightly marked so players can see which side owns that location at a glance. They will also be able to see who owns the locations by opening up their map and looking at the flag icons. ,

    From each spawn location, players will be presented with the options of trying to capture a location nearby, head further into the island to take the Fortress, or cut left/right to take a shot at the enemy right away. The Barracks and Lighthouse can be approached from multiple angles, but the Fortress can only be approached along two paths. For those that prefer to avoid direct conflict right away, there are several back-route paths that let you move discreetly around the map without venturing into the open areas between the capture locations.

    A team’s best bet for winning this Scenario is to focus on capturing two locations and holding them. You’ll need to split your forces to mount a strong defense at each location, but expect one of them to soon be overwhelmed by the enemy hungry to capture as second locale. Unless you are specifically guarding an area, expect to always be on the move reinforcing weakened positions or attacking vulnerable locations. Oh, and one last thing: the Fortress is the furthest capture point from the spawn locations but it gives more points over time. It is a good one to take early and hold on to, but expect some massive battles to take place up there!

    Highpass Cemetary

    Highpass Cemetary is a 12-on-12 Scenario in Tier 3 Chaos vs. Empire. Anyone between the levels 18-40 can hop in this Scenario and fight amongst the headstones. There are two capture locations in this Scenario: the Crypt and the Stag. Both are graves of highly revered warriors from days of old.

    Players begin the Scenario behind three closed gates. One gate leads to the Crypt, one gate leads to the Stag, and the center gate leads to the central graveyard. Most players will bull rush straight out the front gate to get to the fighting. However, a smart player will go left or right to secure a capture location as quickly as possible.

    When you capture a location, a large glowing ring surrounding the tomb will change colors from white to red or blue (depending on your Realm). Capture both locations, and your team is awarded points towards a victory. I repeat: you must hold both locations in order to earn points. Capture both and a buff will appear near your spawn location. This buff will give you a small damage boost. After thirty seconds or so, the capture areas will revert to their neutral state and battle for control begins again!

    The action in this Scenario can be pretty hectic due to the confined space around the capture areas, and wide open middle of the map. Be ready for some twitch warfare and make sure you keep the enemy away from your captured tomb. As this is a relatively small 12-on-12 map with only two locations to fight over, attrition becomes a big issue. A staunch defense facing a hard-hitting offense will make for a battle for the ages in this Scenario.

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    Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016