Ten Ton Hammer's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Scenarios

Gates of Ekrund and Mourkain Temple.

One of the more anticipated parts of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has been the scenarios. We've known that there would be RvR instances for some time now and that they would count heavily towards the war effort, but the details of what these scenarios will entail or how they work has been left in the dark... until now. In the most recent newsletter, EA Mythic released information on two scenarios, how they work, what to expect, where they are, and some tips for winning. While there's no mention of the Dogs of War, there's plenty of questions answered about these once secretive RvR instances so pull up a chair and get ready to learn all about scenarios.

This month, EA Mythic has a little something for all you die hard, "need to bash me some opposite faction from start to finish" type folks. If you want to PvP early on, head on up to the Gates of Ekrund and Mourkain Temple!

Official info from EA Mythic


Gates of Ekrund

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Gates of Ekrund is a 12 vs. 12 Scenario in Tier 1 Greenskin vs. Dwarf. Anyone between levels 1 and 12 can play in this Scenario.

There are three capture locations in this scenario: The Gate Switch, the Supply Room, and the Ammunition Room. The more players you have in an area (up to 6) the faster you'll capture the location. When you enter a capture location, you'll see a small bar that fills up from one side to another on your UI. Once the bar has been filled all the way to the left or right, it will be considered owned by Order or Destruction. Capturing these locations will give you points right off the bat and a steady trickle of points for as long as you hold the locations.

Spawn points in this Scenario are on opposite sides of the Gate, so when you start, you won't see your enemy. Entry into the Gates of Ekrund itself can be gained from two locations which then branch off into two paths themselves. One path leads to the middle level where the Gate Switch is located, and the other path leads to either the Ammunition or Supply Rooms. From these rooms you can drop down into the fight for the Gate Switch or choose to stay in the rooms for close quarter combat.

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Taking the Gate Switch first is the key to this Scenario, if you can hold on to it. Of the three locations, the Gate Switch gives the most points for capturing it, and the most points over time. Once you've established control over this central capture point, pressing forward or back will put pressure on the enemy. Maintaining control of at least two objectives will win this Scenario. Because there are three objectives to split between twelve defenders, it behooves the attackers to hit a capture location en masse. Remember to send out scouts though; pulling all players off a well defended position can easily mean the loss of that objective. A team which is focused on just one capture location will lose this map, and lose quickly. Points build up fast, and remember that capturing any of the three locations will give you points straight up. I've personally been in games where we were behind with 10 seconds to go only to come back and win it by snagging the Supply Room at the last second!

Mourkain Temple

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Mourkain Temple is a 12 vs. 12 Scenario in Tier 2 Greenskin vs. Dwarf. Anyone between levels 10 and 21 can play in this Scenario.

For those of you familiar with our game types, this is one of our Murder Ball scenarios. It features a single artifact that both Realms have to grab and hang onto for as long as they can. Quite simply put, this is WAR's version of "IT!"

Hold the ball and you'll get points over time, as well as points for killing other players - more points than you would normally! If you're killed while holding the ball, the other team will get double your normal kill value... and of course you drop the Murder Ball! As with all Murder Ball Scenarios, you will take damage for as long as you're carrying the artifact... power has its price!

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Both Realms start this map on opposite sides of the Mourkain temple ruins. At the center of the temple lies the Mourkain Artifact. The swampy terrain and temple provide an impressive backdrop for this Scenario. Players who are swarthy and use their sprint ability wisely will make it to the Artifact first, and gain the upper hand. Teams that stick together and protect the Artifact carrier will find this Scenario easy to win. In a way, Mourkain is reflective of our open field combat in the Marshes of Madness, but with the added satisfaction of chasing down a specific target. Teams that flank and use the whole terrain will be able to shake free the Mourkain Artifact from their opponents grasp. Use the swampy terrain and vines to break line of sight, and always be on the move in this Scenario. Staying still will net you a quick death, and possible loss of the powerful Mourkain Artifact!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016