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Much to the disappointment of Mythic Entertainment, Warhammer Online has seen it's first successful city siege, breaking all predictions by its creators. Mythic had hoped it would take at least a month to accomplish this feat, and that it would be impossible in a single night, even for top level and geared players.

Instead, Destruction players on the European server Karak Eight Peaks took out the Order city Altdorf in one night with many under-leveled and under-geared players. All this less than two weeks after launch.

One eyewitness was shocked at how easy it was for Destruction to overrun the city's defences, noting that the enemy force entered the final keep guarding Altdorf via a rear door used by the Order side, rather than having to use siege weapons to take the main door down as intended.

"The whole thing," the poster said, referring to the capture of the final fortress, "for a small group of sub level 40s with probably very poor gear compared to endgame, took 15 minutes tops. This is supposed to be the final objective in an epic battle to unlock city sieges."

Destruction players pointed to the lack of player defence on the Order side, but this scenario is what Jacobs said he was trying to avoid. At any rate, this is certainly not what Mythic would have hoped for from the first attempt to take on its grand Realm-versus-Realm endgame.

Mythic must be massively disappointed in this, but hopefully will take it as an opportunity to fine tune this so it's more challenging in the future.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016