Overkill System apparently considered overkill

Warhammer Online implemented an "Overkill" penalty with the latest patch 1.0.1 that went live yesterday. The penalty was put in place to prevent mass AoE experience farming. The reason the penalty was introduced is explained on the website:

The change was specifically targeted at bringing the amount of XP gained more in line with the XP that an average player ( or group ) could achieve. We firmly believe that AoE capable groups should get a bonus to their experience and level faster. However, that bonus should not eclipse any other form of experience gain by such a large margin as it had in the past.

This sounds like a reasonable response to what could be an exploitive type situation, however the remedy did more than cure the disease:

Unfortunately, since releasing this system to the public servers we have discovered a small number of instances where the lower limit on the system was affecting solo players too dramatically. As such we are temporarily disabling the penalty until we can properly evaluate and fix these occurrences. We are committed to offering a fair and balanced playing field to everyone.

Those of you employing the technique are free to do so until they turn you into a chicken. We'll watch for more changes to the system and you can always read the latest guides and news at Ten Ton Hammers WAR community.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016