Pssht. Icepick and Guido always worked before. Why fix what isn't broken?

PvP can sometimes be pretty daunting and normally the only reason to get involved at all is for flashy titles or gear. Yet, even then it's still the same 'ol same 'ol. Player show up, fight ensues, some one wins, move on. For those who are wary of PvP/RvR combat in the first place, how do you get them involved? Besides two big guys in black suits named "Icepick" and "Guido" to their doors, I mean? Variety, and that's just what EA Mythic has done with Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. With 4 different types of RvR to engage in, it could be enough to make the most timid gamer use words "pwned!" and "n00b!". We take a look at the RvR system and what to expect from it.

With all these different things to do one can not forget a major part of Warhammer Online, RvR. However, once again instead of just having a bunch of people beating on other people for loot or status, EA Mythic has added a little diversity to the time honored tradition of "pwnage". RvR will count for "points" towards your side taking over that tier zone and controlling it. So how do you get these points? There are 4 different types of RvR that you can undertake. Each style increases in difficulty and culminates in a massive battle for control of an opposing city. Sounds pretty cool, eh?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016