Public quests, soon to be known as "leech fests."

Looking for a quest that doesn't require you be around the whole time but still allows you to get rewarded for what effort you did put in? That used to be a pipe dream, but now thanks to Warhammer Online's Public Quests, that's no longer an issue. No more feeling guilty about leaving those big groups in the middle of a quest to take care of that silly thing known as "real life". The Public Quest system allows you to jump into a quest that's currently going on and still get some form of reward even if you have to leave early.

One of the best things about Public Quests is that you can walk in on one at any time during the quest and still get involved. So even if the quest has been going on for 30min, you can just show up and start doing whatever it is that you're needed to do

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016