Ever get that feeling that you're being watched? Like, everywhere you go? Yeah, it's like that.

The Tome of Knowledge. Like the mighty Kreskin, it sees all and knows all! With all the hype about the feature in Warhammer Online, we take a look at what exactly it's about. Keeping track of everything you do in the Warhammer world, this is almost like the biography of your character's life and times. However, with rewards and bonus titles, the people over at EA Mythic have figured out one sure way to get people to read a book.

After killing a worg for example, you might be given a quest to kill a certain number of them. Once you kill the required amount you may be asked to kill "Wally the Worg".

Head to Ten Ton Hammer's WAR site and read the whole preview.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016