If you have been waiting for patch notes worth reading, never fear. Mythic Entertainment has written a monster sized book for Warhammer Online's upcoming 1.0.5 patch. Every class has some changes, with many receiving a free Mastery respec. Bright Wizards get their root later in life, Sorceress puddles need to stay closer to their caster, and much more. Oh, there's also a Test Server coming soon.

To access the Public Test Server, locate the new patcher: testpatch.exe in your main Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning directory. This file will be automatically downloaded when the Public Test Server is opened.

Simply run the testpatch.exe file to start the patcher. Just like the live game, it will download everything automatically, just click play and you're good to go!

Creating a copy of your Live character to play on the Public Test Server is easy, too. Visit your Mythic Account Center, login, and click on the Character Transfer Button above your Game Account profiles. Then, follow the instructions to the Character Transfer Center. Once you are in the Character Transfer Center you will see three options at the bottom. Select "character copy" and then fill in the information on the next page to choose the character you wish to copy.

Once you have confirmed the copy you can view the status of the transfer as it is processed. Please note that you may be required to change the name of your character to avoid naming conflicts. If for any reason there is an error with your transfer, you can click on the "More Details" option to find out why the Character Copy was unsuccessful.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016