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Well, if you stopped by yesterday you got a look into how combining PvP and PvE in Warhammer online is a good thing. These two play styles have been separated for some time now and combining them back together adds another option to how you spend your gaming night. To finish it up, the second part of the article takes a look at the question of how PvE might be affected by a world influenced by PvP.

If the PvP crowd does get bored, there are still only certain areas in the zone where open PvP takes place so it wouldn't spill over into PvE play. For all the effort that EA Mythic has put into the PvP game, they've put an equal amount into the PvE game. It will take a combination of both play styles though to open up the end game for everyone, something else that only enhances the PvE play.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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