Ten Ton Hammer continues it's look at the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning beta with an examination of those stout earth dwellers, the Dwarfs. Known for their industrial strength and ingenuity, this race of workers toils tirelessly to defeat their natural enemies, the Greenskins. What exciting adventures await players who wish to commit their blood and sweat to this sturdy race of fighters? The answer is simple: war, and lots of it.

Deep in the heart of Ekrund I began my journey which would take me into the heart of the Dwarf home to fight against innumerable Greenskins. This isn't a distant conflict where soldiers are trained and sent into battle, the enemy forces have infiltrated the city itself. In Modrin's Anvil I grabbed my first quest requiring me to hunt down some Ravenous Squigs who were spilling out from the mines. If you haven't seen a Squig it's hard to describe how disturbingly ugly they are. To see a dozen of them scurrying around is unsettling but killing them was fairly quick work. They had infiltrated the mines so thoroughly they were in everything as later missions would show. Mine shafts, coal piles, and even hiding stealthily in crates of cannon ammunition escaping them seemed impossible.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016