The third party of Warcry's interview with WAR Community Coordinator Richard Duffek is out. In this update we get to see some answers about the general background of the game as well as the often discussed 'Orcapult'. Here's a peek:

WarCry: Without the extensive use of instancing, how will you handle certain areas that are camped for XP or loot, how will you make sure people aren't sitting around waiting for a spawn?

Richard Duffek: Really, the game is being built in such as way to alleviate this problem. You'll certainly gain items from killing monsters, but the best places for loot and XP are going to be RvR and Public Quests. It is near impossible to camp in RvR and we want you hanging around to participate in the Public Quests. PQs are at their best when a group is present to complete all the stages.

You can find the entire article by Clicking Here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016