The good people over at the Warhammeralliance (; have posted an interesting article on the Nature of the varying elves of the Warhammer World. For those of you who are not familiar with the history of Warhammer Elves, it is quite a worthwhile read.

Here's a small excerpt:

It came to pass that Elmorath of Nagarythe chose to follow the path of the Seafarer, and he sailed far from the island of Ulthuan. For ninety nine years he was the explorer, the adventurer and the wanderer. But in the hundredth year he was troubled by dreams of a great catastrophe, and each night he witnessed the deaths of a thousand of his kin. And so he turned his sail back towards Ulthuan and Nagarythe, for he was eager to see his homelands once more. But when he arrived he found the land ravaged and torn and the people wailing and beating their chests in lamentation. He asked the people “Where are my kin and where are my homelands?” and the people replied “They have passed beyond the memory of these lands, for your kin and your homelands have been Sundered.”

You can read the entire article over at the Warhammer Alliance website; or you can check the exact article here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016