Orcs and Dwarves..Oh My!

Today sees an update to our newly opened Warhammer Online Community site. This update bengs us class overviews as well as corresponding images. The first to be added is the Black Orc...

The Black Orc’s fighting style might best be described as brawling. He attacks with all the tools available – fists, feet, elbows, shoulders, and assorted other spiky bits, notably including weapons. His various attacks are designed to jar, disorient, or otherwise disable his enemy, and each of these conditions makes the enemy vulnerable to yet more punishment, in the form of other attacks which deliver additional effects based on the target’s condition.

Next we are treated to a glimpse of the Dwarf Ironbreaker...

The Ironbreaker is the quintessential dwarf – gruff, quarrelsome and taciturn. He is also your best friend on the field of battle, as any blow struck against his allies is a Grudge that is guaranteed to be repaid in kind. Equipped with his famed gromril armor, and practicing his elite weapon craft, he is a steadfast defender, proof against even the most powerful attacks, standing by his allies and ensuring their safety amidst the swirling chaos of battle. It is said that there are few warriors in the world who can boast they are as tough as an Ironbreaker, and none that can prove it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016