One thing we can all agree on about MMORPGs is that our characters need to look cool, intimidating, silly, or just dignified. Warhammer Online will be enhancing player's ability to customize their looks with new appearance slots. Designer Sean Bosshardt details the new feature in his latest developer diary, explaining that players can choose to slot a certain appearance for their armor by using an appearance slot. Much like the social clothing slots in The Lord of the Rings Online, this will allow players to wear one thing and have the appearance of another. But the system won't come without limitations. To avoid players abusing the system to confuse players of the opposite realm in PvP, only players of the same realm will be able to see your appearance selections. The opposing realm will see the appearance of what you are actually wearing.

This new system introduces Appearance Slots, a brand new concept to Warhammer Online.  Appearance Slots allow you to apply a specific look of armor to anything that you are currently wearing without needing to swap the item out and alter your stats.  This means that if you prefer the stats of Tyrant and the art of Sovereign, you can apply the art of your Sovereign piece to your Tyrant piece.  The system saves the art to the worn piece of armor, which means (in this example) you do not need to hold onto the Sovereign piece once applied.  You can discard it, or you can keep it in your bank to reapply the appearance again later.  Additionally, un-equipping the Tyrant piece will not cause the appearance to reset.  It will remain applied until you overwrite it with another appearance or manually reset the appearance.  In light of the fact that we do not want players to use this system solely to confuse the opposing realm in RvR, the appearance you apply to your equipment can only be seen by players of your own realm.  Players of the opposing realm will see the equipment as if no alternate appearance has been applied to it.

Check out the full developer diary for all the details.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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