Mythic announces the dates for WAAAGH! or at least the pre-WAAAGH!

Head over to the Head Start for Warhammer Online starting September 14th if you were one of the lucky (or smart) ones to pre-order the Collector's Edition. If you were a bit light in the wallet or slow on the draw and had to "settle" for the regular release (and pre-ordered), then you can start playing with me on Tuesday the 16th. The rest of you are going to pay at the door and can jump in on the official launch day of September 18th.

After the 14th there apparently won't be any more server wipes so you will get to take it all with you into the game when it goes live. When it does go live, you will find me in the RvR area which means you need a little help. I take no prisoners, but luckily my cohorts are here to provide you with a guide to Khaine's Embrace the first RvR scenario. Read up and get ready, WAR is coming.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016