Dwarven Engineer and the Goblin Squig Herder

Today we have two new Class Overview pages up for reader consumption. Going with the recent Newsletter release from Mythic we've thrown up descriptions and media for the two new classes; the Dwarven Engineer and the Goblin Squig Herder.

Guns guns guns. Oh, I suppose it’s important to note that grenades and artillery will play a big part in the Engineer’s overall roll for Warhammer Online. As a ranged class that is capable of unleashing high levels of damage at medium to short range, the Engineer will prove invaluable for people looking to be able to take down a super powerful tanking class.

Along with pretty pictures we even have a few TenTonThoughts for your consumption with this update. Read on at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016