Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning; Reckoned Before Release?

One of our readers sent me a link for an article he wrote about the EA Games acquisition of Mythic. This article is worth a read as it has several facts about EA as well as Mythic's history. Well you may not agree with all the points it's certainly a hot topic and everyone seems to have their own opinion on it. Here's a snippet from the 'Ruined My Life' article:

When the it was announced that EA Games acquired Mythic and would be publishing WAR the MMORPG community immediately let their protest be heard. Then again, why shouldn’t the community be afraid for the future of WAR? Why wouldn’t the community be afraid, EA’s track record with PC Gamers is tarnished past the point of repair, and why should this be any different? EA games are notorious for being buggy, unfinished, scrap heaps of games upon release. Combine EA’s track record with the reality of MMORPGs being unbalanced and unfinished at release and you have a recipe for disaster...

You can read the entire article by Clicking Here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016