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For the style="font-style: italic;">Warhammer Online Guide and Atlas
Bundle, Prima Games collaborated with Mythic Entertainment
to develop books that were both useful for their information and
crammed with entertaining lore. The longtime publisher of strategy
guides produced what Ten Ton Hammer's Danny "Ralsu" Gourley calls "a
print product that has
value beyond the first changes that make the statistics in it obsolete"
in his

The issue of statistics and class information becoming outdated is
something that caught the attention of Prima Games, so they also
created their guides in an electronic format (eGuides) with the option
to purchase lifetime updates for $2.99. The update service, called
Download Service (EDS), has the potential to make the guides useful for
as long as a gamer plays href="http://warhammer.tentonhammer.com/"> style="font-style: italic;">Warhammer Online.

If you have read Ralsu's review but still aren't sure if the guide is
for you, then check out the sample text below. Then download the
23-page PDF sample of the eGuide.

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style="font-weight: bold;">What is an Ironbreaker?

The resolute Ironbreakers, being durable melee-combat experts, most

serve a role in their war parties commonly referred to as “the tank.”

the Dwarfs, it is the Ironbreakers who stand in harm’s way, holding the

ground between their allies and those who would try to do them harm.

Ironbreakers are well equipped for this dangerous role with the

to don and fight in heavy armor, an adept’s grasp of defensive

and their proper deployment, and the stamina to heft a stout shield.

Ironbreakers are well versed in the use of axes and other offensive

it is their ability to selflessly withstand the brunt of the enemy
assault so

their friends might accomplish their goals that makes Ironbreakers the

backbone of Dwarf warfare.

A lone Ironbreaker can tackle daring adventures without aid. By simply

exchanging their typical pairing of axe and shield for a two-handed

Ironbreakers become far more effective at actually dispatching enemies.

That being said, you will still most likely find Ironbreakers at the

of a group of adventurers, accomplishing the tasks for which they were

leading a group of brave souls, and absorbing the brunt of the damage.

Being an Ironbreaker requires patience and skill. These stout myrmidons

perform best when grouped with other classes of adventurer, as their

defensive abilities, desire to protect allies, and natural leadership

can make such a group far more effective. Ironbreakers will find

synergy with companions who are versed in the healing arts, and such a

pairing unleashes almost unstoppable interactions.

It takes a relatively long time for an Ironbreaker to hone his martial

to the pinnacle of their potential. Be assured that time will not be
wasted, as

their bravery and companionship are valued by all who fight on the side


Schreiber, Scholar Emeritus, University of Nuln

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016