The Elves, both the High Elven and Dark Elven varieties, have been on
the forefront of everyone's mind lately as we come down from the stated
of euphoria we experienced at the Leipzig Games Convention. However,
the developers at EA Mythic have been hard at work on other portions of
the game as well, especially the lighting effects that can make a game
really stand out graphically. Now that Leipzig is over and done with,
the developers have released all of the lighting effect screenshots to
the general public, and we've nabbed those images and posted them for
you to see. Enjoy!

New Warhammer Online Lighting Effect Images:

style="width: 640px; text-align: left; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; height: 300px;"
title="Lighting the Tower"> src="/image/view/11571/preview"
href="" title="Gates"> src="/image/view/11570/preview"
href="" title="Ekrund 2"> src="/image/view/11569/preview"
href="" title="Ekrund"> src="/image/view/11568/preview"
href="" title="Crypt 2"> src="/image/view/11567/preview"
href="" title="Crypt 1"> src="/image/view/11566/preview"
width="200"> href="" title="Bloodhorn"> src="/image/view/11565/preview"
width="200"> href=""
title="A tree in the marsh"> src="/image/view/11564/preview"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016