A PQ with a Dark Elf flavor...

The next Warhammer Online Public Quest boss has been revealed and it isn't pretty. House Arkaneth's Black Ark has landed and now it's going to be up to you and an army of Order to storm their staging ground and keep them from pouring out into Ulthuan. However, if you think it's just going to be a hoard of Dark Elven soldiers, then think again! Waiting for you at the end of your hard fought battle will be the Beastmaster Lorkoth and his War Hydra, Scornlash. Do you have what it takes to face up to the likes of them?

Yet Lorkoth remained silent. He sat staring, not at any one of the other five commanders in particular, but rather at the air between them. Despite the calculated retort, exchange of wit, and lashing of tongues that lasted for hours on end, the space that divided them remained as empty as when they first convened. They were no closer to divvying up the spoils of conquered Calumel.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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