Ratboy Tries to Tackle the Network Topic Today

Ratboy discusses the direction of Warhammer Online and its chances of surviving as a PvP-centric game in the current industry.

Having been watching the game for almost a year now, it’s kind of interesting that this week for our Common Content articles “the powers that be” want me to discuss the direction that Warhammer Online seems to be taking. Since there have been no patches, no Beta or Alpha releases, or any other sort of physical items given to us aside from screenshots and basic class descriptions, I can’t go into the immense detail that I’m sure the other sites on our network can go into, but that won’t stop me from trying!

Keep reading to see what Ratboy has to say at Warhammer Ten Ton Hammer! Stop by and let Ratboy know what your thoughts about this game are.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016