The tome is there. The knowledge depends on if you actually read it. Hey, like school!

While nosing around the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning booth at PAX 2007, Ten Ton Hammer found EA Mythic game designer Carrie Gouskos and convinced her to come spend a bit of time chatting with us about the primary feature she's working on for Warhammer-- the Tome of Knowledge! You might be asking, "What is the Tome of Knowledge?" Well, if you keep reading, Carrie would love to tell you!

What we're trying to do with the Tome of Knowledge is provide lots of ways for each player to play and lots of bonus things to do. We provide a checklist for the player, saying, "Here's a list of all these things you can do. Do you want to do them?" We're trying to put stuff here for everyone and make sure that new objectives get unlocked in the course of normal play, whether normal play for you is PvP, PvE, or just exploring. We're trying to anticipate all the crazy things players might do and reward them for it. The Tome tracks your achievements and gives you extra incentives to play, the way you want to play.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016