Another week and another piece of common content from the TenTonHammer network! This week Ratboy discusses the interesting "solo" aspects that may be seen in Warhammer Online. Looking at the reasons for solo content being used, this article tries to discuss all of the possible facets of Warhammer Online's solo content. Here's a peek:

I have to regress back to my earlier days of playing World of Warcraft to really get into the discussion of Massively Solo Player games. It was in my first shot at the WoW Beta that I came to realize just how big the world was and how many players were involved, it was more specifically the first gryphon flight of the game that gave me such an impression of the world. Warhammer Online is likely to prove it can meet or exceed the scope of other existing games, as instead of centering on the battles between factions (Alliance VS Horde in the case of WoW), Warhammer centers around the battles of various different races (Dwarves VS. Orcs, Humans VS Chaos, & Elves VS Dark Elves).

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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