IGN Vault grabbed some time from EA Mythic to answer a few community member questions and got some pretty meaty answers. Some interesting points regarding UI's and positional DPS are made, not to mention a question regarding end game gear.

Warhammer Vault: The Zeal page on the official site describes a 'network' of Harbingers and Marks. But other have heard that Zealots can only cast one Harbinger at a time. In the current build, do Zealots cast more than one? What's the design and intent of this?

EAMythic: The Zealot is an intresting case; his site page is a little out of date. At the time of writing we did in fact have multiple Harbringers that also gained extra effect from being effected by rituals. However since then we've been adjusting the career based off feedback from our BETA process. As it stands we're still not completely finished with our adjustments, and I'm sure we'll be going through more in the next few BETA phases. That being said the final way that the Harbringer & Ritual mechanic will work is YTB, but you will be able to use combinations of these abilities for greater affect. As soon as we are happy with the BETA Feedback on the career we'll be updating the website. Keep in mind this all holds true for all of the careers. The information on that site is our general overview and initial vision of a Career. These views will change through BETA and as soon as we firm up new versions you'll see updates to the site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016