Have something you would like to change about WoW? Well Messiah does! Infact he has posted it right here on our site in one well compiled article. Here's a quick peek:

Like most players there are many things in WoW that don’t sit quite right with me. There are always things that players complain about though, no game is ever perfect. To me there are two main types of issues in any game, technical and player created. The technical issues involve: class balance, game difficulty, quest chains and rewards, new content, game balance, patch responsiveness and more. Many of the player issues are common between different MMOs such as: farming, griefing, ganking, and ninja looters.

The issue that strikes me though as the item that I would most like to change in the World of Warcraft is the social aspect of the game. What? That’s not listed above you say. Well you’re right. For all the issues that WoW has the one that bugs me more than any of the technical or player issues is the social issues. Let me explain what I mean by giving some background.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016