Celebrating generations of Star Trek, Cryptic takes on the huge task of making Star Trek Online a world that fans of the IP will recognize. As if building a game wasn't challenging enough, staying true to the lore and history of the Star Trek Universe can be a tricky thing. So how have the developers of the game tackled the issue? What sort of things will players recognize in the game? Will there be any familiar faces?

For this week's interview with Cryptic Studios, Ten Ton Hammer spoke with Lead Writer, Christine Thompson, and Executive Producer, Craig Zinkievich to find out what awaits us in deep space, where no one has gone before.

One of the things I wanted to do was look at how Starfleet brings its officers in. In DS9, if they're not from a Federation planet, they have to have a recommendation from a Starfleet captain. Starfleet's going to be looking at expanding those rules in the 30 years between Nemesis and 2409 just to be more inclusive of who can be in Starfleet.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016