Pay some attention to the men (and women) behind the curtain

Many players enjoy EverQuest 2, but who are the people that actually make it work? While my own "hamster" theory for the servers has been debunked, the names and faces of those who keep EverQuest 2 going deserve more attention. Savanja looks at a few of the busy workers of SOE and points out who actually nerfs us.

I happen to think that the developers of EQ2 are some of the coolest ever. They are witty, entertaining, and sometimes even informative. I confess to having favorite developers, (although Blackguard DID turn down my marriage proposal and technically isn't a developer) for various reasons.

These guys and gals work hard, at a rather thankless job, to bring us the entertainment that we so love and crave. While it's been said that they take our money (and roll around in it naked), doing very little actual work, I happen to know this isn't true. . The long hours and dedication that these people invest is astounding. And unlike most people, where the work ends with the end of the work day, a lot of these guys are found still at work, after hours, or at home, still online or in game, dealing with issues. Truly, most of the fanbase does not realize the kind of hours that they put into the game that we so adore.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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