Battlegrounds have not always been the most well received feature in MMOGs. They seem like a great idea in concept, but making them work is a juggling act of player interest, worthwhile reward, and PvP excitement.

Will EverQuest II battlegrounds have the right combination to find success? Read Savanja's reasons why EQ2 battlegrounds won't suck and let us know your thoughts! Will battlegrounds make an impression in an already well rounded game? Click the "Post your comments" link below to share.

Structured PvP is not a new concept to EQ2. For those who played during the Desert of Flames era might recall the much promoted arena located in Maj'dul. After an extremely brief run, interest dropped rapidly and the few left who actually wanted to utilize the arena were left with no one to engage with. While the arena idea was unique and intriguing, drawing in enough players to make something like this worthwhile is difficult when it depends so heavily on appropriate level server population.

Even a game as populated as World of Warcraft found limited success until cross realm battlegrounds were added. This is the big tip off that SOE picked up and kept in mind with the invention of their battlegrounds and my favorite reason why these battlegrounds will rock.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016