I will be the first to admit that I LOVE a good rant, and no one rants like Ryan Shwader. On Nerfbat, he's doing a series of rants, and it's enough to make me downright giggly!

Today's rant? Quasi new features in MMOs:

Need an example? Player-controlled boats. Guess what, they were in the first major MMO. Yes, the first one. Ultima Online. It had boats that you could sail around in. And speaking of UO, it had a crapload of little features that have recently been reintroduced as shiny new “next gen” features.

Having played the granddaddy of MMOs myself, I gotta agree with what he's sayin'. Check it out for yourself on Nerfbat.com and see if you agree!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016