Sure, armor in World of Warcraft is nice, but it’s the weapons that really set the look off. With Transmogrification in full swing, now players can change their WoW weapons to look like almost anything they desire leaving the possibilities almost endless. One of the best expansions for weapons was the Burning Crusade. Released during what most consider the “golden age” of WoW, this expansion had a flare for otherworldly, borderline gaudy weapons, that we the player can’t seem to get enough of.

Proof of this lies in a survey done by another WoW site which found that sixty-two percent of transmogrification choices come from this particular expansion pack. So with this poll in mind as I compiled my own top 5 personal favorite Transmogrification weapons, it came as no surprise that a few of them managed to originate from this particular WoW expansion pack. To see what I’m talking about, and hopefully garner a few ideas for Transmogrification weapons of your own, continue reading on for:

Mem’s Top 5 WoW Transmogrification Weapons

Staff of Immaculate Recovery

The Staff of Immaculate Recovery, or Priest on a stick as many WoW players call it, is one of the best looking healer oriented staffs in game. Seriously, take a look at the staff, Blizzard pretty much slapped a T5 clad priest on top of a stick and called it a day. Nevertheless it works! Even though this particular piece was released in the days of Burning Crusade, there is few staves that can rival this in the look department making it the perfect piece for your Transmogrification needs.

To obtain a Priest on a stick of your very own you should first convince your Priest friends to done T5. After this is done proceed to chase them around with a pointy stick until you impale one of them. No? Well there is an easier, but far less entertaining, route. The Staff of Immaculate Recovery is a drop from Gurtogg Bloodboil inside the Black Temple. Gather yourself and a few friends and you can easily farm this instance every week until this staff is yours to hold, love, and Transmogrify to your heart’s content.

Witch Hunter’s Harvester

There are more than a few nice looking pole arms in WoW, and depending on your personal taste this may or may not be one of your favorite, but there is something about the Witch Hunter’s Harvester that screams “bad-ass” to me. Perhaps it’s the coloring that so speaks to me, or maybe its just the fact that this particular polearm is a giant scythe, exactly like the one I imagine death would carry that does it for me. Carrying this polearm around is sure to turn a few heads and produce a few whispers on where you picked up such an epic looking weapon.

Want to use this polearm as part of your Transmogrification weapon pieces? The Witch Hunter’s Harvester can be crafted by any friendly Blacksmith for some old world materials including 8 Truegold, 6 Heavy Savage Leather, 4 Hardened Elementium Bars, and 5 Chaos Orbs. Not into the gathering gig? Check your local Auction House where you have a good chance of finding these items, for a price, but well worth it.


Sometimes simple is best and this holds true with this formidable axe. Perhaps considered unremarkable in the looks department by some this axe, in my eyes, has a simple elegance that cannot be contended with by other flashier models. Even though there is nothing significantly remarkable about this axe, no spinning parts or huge glow, it seems to still manage to look hungry for blood and it very well may be. Gorehowl is the legendary axe of Grom Hellscream, giving this weapon another check on the list of awesome and making it even more appealing to add to your Transmogrification collection.

Want to take up Grom Hellscream’s weapon as your very own? You will need to head into the depths of Karazhan and take on the final boss of the instance; Prince Malchezaar. Thankfully like most older world instances Karazhan is a breeze for a few level 85s with a little time on their hands to farm every week.

Jaded Crystal Dagger

Looking more like a sword than the dagger it truly is on any character model, this weapon is a sight to see. It is not just the size of this weapon that is impressive however, with its spinning inner core, intriguing metal work, and it’s own glow, this dagger just looks good which is why it made my top 5. The Timeslicer has a similar model to this dagger, however, lacks the compelling glow and more distinctive blue coloring. Not to mention that the Timerslicer is an Off-Hand weapon while the Jaded Crystal Dagger is a Main Hand which is very important when it comes to Transmogrification.

Ready to wield this dagger as your own? You will have to enter Magisters’ Terrace on heroic mode. Don’t worry, this is a relatively easy task for any level 85 and can be done in just a few minutes. Not to mention that players will be able to try for the Jaded Crystal Dagger once a day, unlike longer raid lockouts making this Transmogrification item easy to get with a little luck.


Guiding Star

In every instance there is at least one WoW weapon that upon looking at it players instantly know that it came from a particular instance. The Guiding Star is one such weapon. The best healing mace in its time, the Guiding Star epitomizes Ulduar, its instance of origin. From its plant like head, its rotating runes and even the coloring Blizzard has taken Ulduar, crushed it into a mace and manage to make one amazing looking weapon.

To own the Guiding Star as part of your Transmogrification gear, players must venture into Ulduar and face off with Razorscale. Traveling into Ulduar and reaching Razorscale is much easier than it used to be and a well equipped group of level 85s should be able to easily take down this boss on a weekly basis until the Guiding Star becomes yours.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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