In this weeks WildStar Guild Spotlight we sit down with Enigma, a guild who have had plenty of press coverage in the past because of their success in World of Warcraft. Here's how we got on.

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Ten Ton Hammer: For anyone who might never heard of Enigma, please can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Enigma: Enigma is a diverse European-focused and fun-loving guild that likes to pit our wits and skills against complex and fiendishly challenging bosses to earn our stripes. While we support all play styles (we are rolling on a RP-PvP server) our main focus is raiding. We've grown and learned not just from our successes, but also our challenges to build a stable and consistent community. In short, we have a number of tenets that we stick to - We Craft. We Sing. We Raid. We Explore. We Strive. We Group. We will succeed.

Ten Ton Hammer: Why do you think Enigma has been so successful for so long?

Enigma: “Pro Bonus Dolus Pro Palma Ego”. This is our guild motto and creed. To us, it means “For the good of the guild before the glory of self” and it's a “guild first” attitude that promotes a strong, healthy community. We are all in this to support and help each other - personal egos don't have a place in Enigma and we have a clear and well defined management style. Communication, openness and a feeling of family. Many within Enigma feel this way, and we strive towards the best interests of Enigma and all who sail in her. We recognize that sometimes gaffes happen, and the true test of a community is how they are handled. Being around for over 9 years, we've show we can overcome, adapt, and grow.

Ten Ton Hammer: What has drawn Enigma to WildStar?

Enigma: A number of factors have attracted us to Wildstar. A fun art style, the promise of some real difficulty, developers (with proven backgrounds) who really know how to communicate with the community. Of course, the real kicker is 40 man raiding. Many of us miss it and will be welcoming it back into MMO gaming with open arms. Some may see this as odd, but our raid leader thrives on organizing 40 man raids. Many of our members love to bring out the spreadsheets to build the ultimate team with the members we have. And yes, we also have a love of challenging preconceived notions on how boss fights should be handled. This being said, Wildstar as a whole seems to have a handle on that elusive elixir of fun that makes us smile while playing.

Ten Ton Hammer: You’ve had a lot of success in World of Warcraft's raid environment - do you intend on playing both games?

Enigma: Unfortunately, this is unlikely. A number of us are very excited by the promise of Warlords of Draenor and some have their doubts, as happens within a community related to any game. It would be difficult to be effective in both games, and to ensure we have the time and resources for both and still ensure our community culture remains rich and warm. For now, we're focused on building a team of diverse and amazing members controlling various pixelated races to demolish bosses and base population in the various raids of Wildstar. Of course, we never say never in regards to ensuring our members are able to play what they desire, and will work with the members of Enigma as the launch of WoD comes closer and closer. As with every decision made in the guild, we will approach that topic with the guilds best interest at heart.

Ten Ton Hammer: If you’ve played through some of Wildstar's raids already, how did you find them and how successful were you? How did you feel the difficulty compared to World of Warcraft?

Enigma: Many of our members have not played World of Warcraft for a while, so a direct comparison is not something we can give. Those who have see the differences, have found enjoyment in both WoW's and Wildstar's raiding environments.

Quite a few of our guildies have taken on the currently available raids during the Wildstar beta weekends. The consensus? “Oh yes! Even the 'trash' is a mini puzzle that must be solved in order to move forward.” If this is the current state of what is available for those playing on the beta weekends, can you just imagine what it is going to be like in 40 mans? Not a great amount of information has been released regarding 40 man raids yet. If you have seen the recent PAX panel, or some of the interviews that showed the raid footage for Datascape, it looks like the difficulty will certainly be present. There is almost a collective rush of adrenaline moving in the veins of Enigma, and that just makes us even more determined to take on the challenge offered by Carbine Studio's development team.

Ten Ton Hammer: Does Enigma have any interest in Warplots and if not, why not?

Enigma: Definitely! We will almost certainly have a warparty in some form, but we are still ironing out the details. We need to ensure that the PvE and PvP desires of the guild are harmonious and don't conflict. We are a PVE guild first after all.

Before a PVPer who might be interested in Enigma wipes us off their “lets look at joining them” list, it is worth mentioning that the PVE teams actually help the Warplot teams. And believe us, we'll be looking to bring home the big bosses for our Warparty to add to their plots. So, you can expect us to be annihilating the Dominion on a Warplot near you!

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Ten Ton Hammer: If you could point out the best and worst that Wildstar has to offer, what would it be?

Enigma: Our experience through beta has been largely positive. While not everything has been perfect, it's been very apparent that 'The Devs Are Listening' is more than a passing phrase. For that reason there is a level of confidence in the ongoing changes, and we expect that to continue into, and beyond, launch. As to the worst? If that graveyard guy laughs at us one more time....

Ten Ton Hammer: How would you rate Wildstar's chances of success in todays modern MMOG market? Competition is pretty tough with the likes of Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcrafts expansion…

Enigma: The MMO space is very dynamic and players can be fickle. However, there are so many (in our view) smart choices that have been made with Wildstar, that we hope the result will be that Wildstar will carve out a big enough niche with the people they are targeting. The community is one of the strongest we have ever seen pre-launch: They have a real direction and aim, and Wildstar are not trying to please everyone all of the time. For these reasons we would strongly back them to succeed, as they are offering the MMO that some of the community felt they have been needing.

Ten Ton Hammer: Where end game content is concerned, how do you feel about Wildstar? Do you think Carbine have offered players enough out of the gates to keep guilds such as yours entertained long term?

Enigma: With Wildstar, the developers have created a huge amount of content for launch, and Jeremy Gaffney is well known for his quote about end game - “There are several ways to set fire to a hundred-million dollars and lose it. Probably the best way is not spending time developing your endgame”. As long as the cadence of content releases is well managed post-launch (a promise that Carbine have already made), then all should be well on Nexus. Of course that's just regarding raiding, we will also have the World Story instances, adventures, veterans, crafting, Warplots, housing plugins, etc, to experience.

Ten Ton Hammer: Are you currently recruiting and if so, what sets you apart from other guilds that are?

Enigma: Enigma, as of April 2014, is recruiting for our raiding team. We are also looking for a few dedicated PVP players who will be held to the same standards we hold our PVE team. We offer a well-organised, friendly, and welcoming guild, whose focus it is to hit the big bosses, earn the “pinks” and have a laugh doing it! We play hard and work hard. Best part, we know the difference between the two and when to wear each hat.

We can't say what sets us apart from the other guilds, as we're not them! In fact, we have friends in many guilds and we recognize, just like certain game developers, that not every community can be all the things for everyone. Perhaps that is what makes us different. Perhaps it's what makes the same as others. Either way, we're hoping to be a home for players who will enjoy a safe environment to learn, strive, and be all that they can be, even after the server shuts down for maintenance, beyond.

Ten Ton Hammer would like to thank Enigma guild for taking part in this interview and if you want to read more about the guild, head on over to their website.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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