WildStar Wednesday returns with the second part of its interview with one of WildStar's Friends & Family testers. This week’s entry contains more answers to community submitted questions about the Nexus, combat, story, and more. The tester even provides an opinion on their favorite class, which the name of was, unfortunately, redacted. Luckily, there are some other things of interest if you’re itching for some WildStar info.

“WildStar has broken the mold on race/class stat stove-piping. What I mean is that every Warrior will not necessarily be hunting the same piece of gear, it depends on the abilities you want to use, what role you want to fill and how you have allocated your stat points.

Almost every ability available to your class will have two stats that affect it. So the more points you have in that stat, the more effective that particular ability is when used and thus the more you want on your gear. While Strength and Technology may be the main stat most warriors take, some may wish to buff Magic-dependent abilities and use them instead, as an example.”

Source: WildStar Wednesday: Interview with a Tester Part 2

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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