Communication is an important part of the MMOG community and Carbine Studios wants WildStar fans to know that they’re listening to what they have to say. This week’s WildStar Wednesday posts the results of WildStar devs conversing with the community in what they call “Community Uplinks” about a number of topics ranging from what kind of in-game events players would like to see to that touchy subject of griefing.

Part of the chat focused on griefing and the perception of griefing. The discussion included comments from some players that enjoyed griefing in online games and some suggested ideas on how to handle those unscrupulous members of the WildStar community looking to impede on the enjoyment of others.

Well, almost exclusively, the community responded to griefing with a desire to help control it. There were some respondents that liked - and even enjoyed - griefing. But many of the community that enjoyed it admitted they liked it defined within the parameters of the game (e.g. faction vs. faction antagonism). In fact, requests were made to help foster such antagonism so the feeling of war and rivalry could help convey the story. There was also a request to give players ways to deal with griefers themselves - tools that could make the griefer invisible, let the player have a global account ignore, etc.

Read the latest WildStar Wednesday and tell us your thoughts on griefing in the comments below.

Source: WildStar Wednesday: Yep, We’re Listening

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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