While most game patches are content heavy and create more issues than
they solve, EverQuest II reverses
that trend with Game Update 54 - Will of a Tyrant. The newest content
addition features a staggering number of bug fixes, item updates and
game tweaks, as well as the newest in a series of live events that
transition players into the upcoming Sentinel's
expansion. Join Medawky
this week as he dives into the update and gets down and dirty in

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updates, patches, and chapters--these are different names for
essentially the same mechanic, an infusion of new content into an
existing game. Such additions are usually chock full of goodies
designed to entice players to stay invested as well as to advance the
storyline. Most gamers would scoff at a content update that featured a
total of two quest and some bug fixes, but EverQuest II players
most players and EverQuest II isn’t your typical MMOG.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016