Once upon a time, daily quests were the easy and fool-proof way to get cash quickly, with the extra sweetener of faction rep. It was a great way to get those rare items or that Netherray mount during World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade. Of course, back then, gold meant something. To give you an example, saving up the 5000g for my druid’s Epic Flight Form was such an impossibly massive figure, I had to borrow 3k from a guildie. Now I can earn that in a couple of hours via mining, the auction house and doing dungeon runs. So, during TBC and Wrath, doing dailies was a quick, pain-free and profitable way to ensure you had enough money to raid.

Since then, though, things have changed. Money is far easier to obtain and so is rep, thanks to the various faction tabards. The number of dailies - and the amounts they offer - have gone off the charts even though we’re still limited to doing 25 per day. The problem is, once you become exalted with Faction X, do you really continue with the dailies? If you’re anything like me probably not. It’s easier and more rewarding to just jump into the Dungeon Finder and do randoms for a couple of hours, even if those randoms are from Wrath and not Cataclysm.

The addition of the Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms means that, if you are anything other than DPS, you stand to make a killing, earning over 80g each time. That doesn’t even include the amounts made from selling vendor trash or drops. Even I can do the maths, it’s more profitable to just sit answering the Call to Arms all day than do dailies. Oh, and there's no limit to the number of times you can do it either, the only catch being that you have to join the queue solo to reap the rewards at the end of each run.


Will the Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms have a greater effect on Azeroth's economy than just queue times?

The other thing about dailies is - aside from the odd group quest which you could probably solo anyway - is it’s a lonely, sometimes tedious activity. It’s one of the few times playing WoW when you feel like you’re playing an RPG, not an MMO. This is especially true if your dailies take place in a phased area - such as Icecrown - where your friends can’t follow you.

Of course the answer to this is to change the dailies every so often, as Blizzard were going to with 4.1, introducing the new, restored version of Hyjal rather than the semi-devastated area we have today. This would, of course, go some way to dealing with the problem but if you had a choice between doing the same quests every day or just doing random dungeons, which would you pick?

As Azeroth has grown and the economy changed, money still makes the world go round and it’s easier to get. Yes we have money sinks like 6k teleportation rings and 12k mammoth mounts but the ways of getting the money have changed. Dailies, once a key part of your life in Azeroth, are now increasingly being sidelined in favour of making money on the auction house or just doing dungeon runs. Once 4.1 hits - and that’s likely to be as soon as next week - the new Call to Arms feature will be implemented. I can’t help thinking this will herald the end for the daily quest. After all, it’s not like anyone will bother with them anymore excluding the rep grind or the odd unique reward and even then it’s still easier to do a dungeon wearing a tabard.

Are you going to be making use of the Call to Arms to make money over doing dailies? Let us you know your plans come 4.1 in the comments below.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016