Wonderland Online will be providing its players with a series of events through the month of August. We recently received a list of the events that will be running and when they will be available for players to enjoy. The team will be providing events such as Five in a Row, Guess the lucky Number, Deadliest Quest, King of the Guild, and more.


Wonderland Online: Events Preview for August

The Wonderland Online Team (http://wl.igg.com/main.php) knows that the time for summer fun will be coming to an end very soon, so they’re pulling out all the stops to make this August the best ever! Let’s see what they’ve got in store…

Weekly Events:

1.      Five In A Row: August 2nd and last until August 7th

Rewards: All GM's Gold obtained from the game will be given to one Lucky Dog.

Event Rules: All players can go to the GM's tent and play this game when it begins. Click the Wire Game Machine to start playing. Players take turn to place one stone to the empty cross point on a game board, and whoever first put 5 stones in a row, column or diagonal would win. Players can also play with the GM.

2.      Guess the Lucky Number : August 9th to August 14th

Rewards: 50 Credits per round

Event Rules:

  • Before each round, the GM will tell players in the Local Channel to choose a number. You should type in your number in the Local Channel after the GM tells you to begin guessing.
  • Once this has happened, the GM will attack the guardian in Welling Village. The lucky number will be the last 2 digits of the GM's damage value. If the GM misses the first round of combat, the number will be chosen from the second combat round and so on.
  • Each player can give their 2-number guess only once per round. Any more than one guess will not be valid.


3.      Deadliest Quest: August 16th—August 21st

Rewards: 50 Credits

Event Rules:

  • After the game begins, go visit GM-Justice to get the item—Paper, he will also record your name and whisper to you the location of the target.
  • When you find the target, give the Paper to the target and then PK with them. If you win, you’ll get rewards. The fight is for you and the target only.
  • Each player can accept this quest only once.
  • The rewards will be given out within 24 hours of the end of the event.


4.      King of the Guild ?: August 23rd—August 28th


Winning Guild: All participating guild members will get 100 Credits each.

Other Guilds: All participating guild members will get 50 Credits each.

Event Rules:

  • At the beginning of the event, Guild members must go to Welling Village.
  • To register, players need to use the local channel and type their Guild name.
  • Once there are 8 Guilds registered, the GM will create a PK schedule for those 8 Guild teams.
  • A ‘one and done’ knockout system will be used in this event. The last remaining guild will be the winner and be eligible to join in the final fight next week.
  • All team members must be from the same Guild.


Special Events:

1.      Cool Down in the Summertime: August 15th around 2:00am and lasts all the way through to August 28th at 2:00am

Rewards: The Crystal Ice Cube and Unclear Ice Cube! Click the ice cube to get a random item

Event Rules:

Players that kill monsters of level 10 or higher have a chance at getting one of two different ice cubes.

2.      2X EXP Event:

  • August 1st 2:00am~23:59pm
  • August 15th 2:00am~23:59pm
  • August 22nd 2:00am~23:59pm
  • August 29th 2:00am~23:59
  • You can download the game here.
  • Discuss this and more on our forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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