Mythic+ has become almost its own game within World of Warcraft. With this, it has also gained a few unspoken rules for the average pug. Here are some of the things you should expect when entering the Mythic+ community.



Whether for better or worse, Raiderio is used by most to determine a players skill and experience in M+. It is a simple system that gives you score per dungeon you have run based on the level of key you did (+2, +4, +18, etc.) and how fast you ran that key. Your total score is the sum of all of your dungeon scores, meaning it is better to run all of the dungeons rather than a select few. While the system is not perfect, there is not much else to rely on since ilevel is often not a great judge of someones skill or knowledge of M+. It will be a great benefit to become used to Raiderio and how it's used of you plan on running mythic pluses. 


Group compositions

Almost every group consists of a few things. Successful groups will often have:

  • A Bloodlust/Heroism (Drums of Fury can substitute a lust/hero but having a lust is always better.)
  • A battle rez (This can be crucial for allowing more than one mistake to wipe a fight.)
  • A Rogue (Depending on the dungeon, Shroud of Concealment can allow you to skip a lot of enemies. Not Required but definitly helps.)
  • CC (Whether it is a Frost Mage's AoE slows, DH's AoE Stuns and Imprison or a Rogue's many single target CC and sap, CC will be very useful when running tougher keys or dungeons.)




Depending on the level of key you are running, people will expect you to have certain items. Here is a list of items if you would like to be fully prepared


  • Personal Food
  • Flask
  • Some invisibility potion if your class cannot stealth
  • potions (these damage increasing potions are expensive and are usually only expected on very high keys)
  • War-Scrolls (Usually it is good for someone in the group to have them if your group does not have a Mage, Priest and Warrior. 
  • Drums of Fury (These are only needed if your group does not have a lust/hero)



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Last Updated: Nov 26, 2018

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